As an emotional well-being counselor I get a lot of people coming to me stressed out and dealing with anxiety. People are looking for solutions to not be stressed and anxious. The solutions are to slow down, say no to things and find calming activities.

I can suggest meditation, however sometimes people have a hard time doing meditation. I thought I would share something that is much like meditation.

In the early 2000’s knitting and crocheting was all the craze. Women all over were knitting, taking classes on knitting, having stitch and bitch groups. Then just like any fad it went away.  Lives got too busy, too stressed to sit down and do the exact thing that could help calm the feelings of stress and anxiety. Knitting and crocheting are like meditation. You are doing something that has taken your mind off of the stress and/or anxiety.

I can hear you know say “I wish I had the time to do that.” We all have the same 24 hrs in the day. How we manage it is what causes us stress or not and have time to do the things that help us feel good. You can make the time to sit down and do a knitting or crocheting project, or meditate. It is about saying no to things, not trying to do too much, and making the time for you.

Are you ready to take the next step of releasing stress, anxiety and feeling calm?

Let’s begin by bring back mindful activities. I have gotten away from my crocheting and found a company whose mission is something I align with and they have fun activites. Darn Good Yarn has a monthly subscription box. Each month you will receive a project, needles/hook and yarn.

I signed up for it and am loving getting back into a mindful active activity. Darn Good Yarn also has all the fun things one needs for mindful activities around knitting or crocheting.

I have collaborated with Darn Good Yarn and got some fun discounts for you.

Crocheting .jpg

Click the links on this page to grab your discount!

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~ Charity  

Mindfulness and Meditation Specialist